Meet Sakari

Teaching Philosophy

At the outset, many students begin their studies in music with the idea that becoming a musician means learning an instrument, and practicing that instrument is for the purpose of learning all of the notes. Though significant, mastering an instrument is only a minute part of the skills that make one a musician. I believe that musicianship can be developed in the early stages of learning through a well-rounded approach that encompasses performance skills, music theory, composition, and a knowledge of music history. By engaging students in various musical disciplines, I aspire to share with them a sense of wonder and intrigue for one of humanity’s most marvelous creations.

-Sakari Dixon Vanderveer, instructor at Bow and Quill Music


Sakari Vanderveer, instructor. Photography by William Vasta, 2014.


Sakari has taught violin and viola in Redlands, CA since 2011. An alumna of the University of Redlands, she is passionate about giving students a well-rounded music education in the early stages of learning their instrument.

Her teaching strategies often integrate sight-singing and music theory into the lessons, giving beginning and intermediate students the building blocks for great intonation and music literacy early on.

In May 2014, Sakari graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Composition from the University of Redlands. She studied viola with Kira Blumberg and composition with Dr. Anthony Suter during her time at the U of R. She also studied violin and viola with Mark Braunstein for three years prior to pursuing her degree.

Since graduation, Sakari has performed with ensembles such as the Redlands Community Orchestra, the Southland Symphony Orchestra, Musica Viva, and the Redlands Symphony Orchestra. She also publishes her compositions independently under Tuplets Unlimited Music Publishing (ASCAP).