Why Take Lessons?

Black and White Violinist | Flickr

Photo by minm01 on Flickr. Under public domain.

Taking one-on-one lessons has many unique benefits, even if you are currently learning music in a classroom setting. Below are just a few of the attributes that make private lessons valuable.

For beginners, private lessons will help you to. . .

  • Set up your instrument properly so that you can play comfortably and effectively.
  • Learn proper technique.
  • Determine when notes are in tune.
  • Produce a beautiful tone.
  • Read music fluently and accurately.
  • Progress at your own pace, which will maintain your interest.
  • Develop practice strategies that compliment your learning style.

Intermediate and advancing students will benefit from all of the above, and they will also. . .

  • Receive the critical feedback needed to prepare for auditions and performances.
  • Be mentored on how to pursue music as a career.
  • Maintain a healthy technique in order to avoid playing injuries.
  • Study repertoire that will continue to challenge their skillset.
  • Learn to convincingly perform music of different genres and time periods.

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